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After operating a successful cabinet shop in California for many years, Lefty (Richard) Flory opened Flory Cabinets at its present location in 1970. Ty joined his father in the business in 1975. Tracking the construction industry, the business expanded and downsized a number of times. When Lefty entered semi-retirement, he and Ty became partners.

Flory Cabinets has always strived to build quality, affordable cabinetry in a wide range of styles. To keep pace with consumer trends over the years, they have added finishing, glazing, distressing, finished interiors, dovetailed drawers, and many accessories to their offerings.

Currently, projects are designed with CAD (Computer Aided Design) software, and clients can see a three dimensional representation of their project before actual shop work is begun. Flory Cabinets continues to improve its designs and offerings to appeal to increasingly informed consumers.


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Flory Cabinets
14846 Vail Rd. SE
Yelm, WA 98597

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